Beerfest at Victoria Park, Brisbane

What: Beerfest at Victoria Park, Brisbane


Where: Victoria Park, Abbotsford

Cost: From $20

It’s taken a heck of a long time — 12 years, to be exact — but, having become a permanent fixture on the summer events calendar for Fremantle, Launceston, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, BeerFest is finally hitting Brisbane in 2020.

The festival is set to descend on Victoria Park on Saturday, March 14, in a heady blaze of music, comedy, food and, of course, beer. For its frothy Brisbane debut, BeerFest will round up over 40 artisanal breweries and deliver hundreds of craft drops, all alongside a stack of great ciders, cocktails and wines. You’ll kick off the season with tastings, food and beer matchings, and free, brewer-led masterclasses showcasing one-off creations.

What’s more, this little shindig also packs a serious punch in the entertainment department — and while it’s yet to drop the full bill there as well, Art vs Science will be headlining the whole thing. They’ll also team up with Burnley Brewing and CryerMalt to create their own one-off beer, which you’ll obviously be able to drink at the festival.

There’ll be plenty of laughs to be had, too, all thanks to the Beerfest at Victoria Park, Brisbane comedy stage.

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