Lawrenny whiskey update
February 2020

Lawrenny, Tasmanian-based distillery has announced in its monthly update that its limited release of Tasmanian single malt whiskey is progressing, there is a crop of Estate Barley in the pipeline and that personalised barrels are now available.

The limited single malt whiskey, using fresh water from the upper River Derwent and a unique blend of yeasts is right around the corner. After spending time in Australian Tawny and Kentucky Bourbon casks, Lawrenny is now beginning the decanting process.

From there, the casks will be blended into a ratio that will accentuate the characteristics of each cask type while still retaining the signature spirit profile. Hand-selected antique Spanish Pedro Ximenez casks will see out the final finish of the whisky.

It is expected to be bottled with an ABV of 44% to 46% and will be sold mainly from the cellar to direct in around October/November. If interested, you can register your interest at the Lawrenny website.

Over the next few weeks, Lawrenny will be harvesting its fourth crop of Lawrenny Estate barley. Grown on only the lower paddock this year, it’s expected to have an expected yield of up to 80 tonne.

Being the start of 2020, you can expect to see this barley reach a bottle from 2026.

And finally, Lawrenny has released its own personal barrels. As they will be maturing over the coming months, pre-purchase is now open to get your hands on some on one for yourself. People have been visiting the bond store to sample the progress of their barrel.

This story was originally published at ManSpace on 28 February 2020.