Highlands Gin

The heart of Tasmania, the Central Highlands region, boasts glorious scenery and dramatic built environment. With over 3000 lakes connected by running rivers, it captures the purity and excitement of Tasmania.

Highlands is a refreshing and crisp Gin, with notes from the unique blue cypress to the bright fruitiness of the grapefruit, orange and buchu, all while an ever present mint note lingers over the palate. The sweet earthiness of ginger, cubeb pepper and grains of paradise, add a gentle bite of piquancy while chamomile provides weight and sweetness.

An exhilarating gin that pays tribute to the spectacular region that locates Lawrenny Estate.

SILVER – 2019 Australian Gin Awards

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Tasting Notes
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Profile: Fresh, refreshing, crisp
  • Key Botanicals: Blue cypress needle, grapefruit, fresh mint, peppermint (dried), bitter orange peel, buchu, chamomile, grains of paradise pepper
  • Serving Suggestion: Indian Tonic Water with a slice of Pink Grapefruit
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