Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky

The enjoyment of whisky is a journey of discovery. Very few products are so significantly impacted by their natural environment over many years.

Developing an outstanding whisky is a combination of sourcing the finest raw material elements then allowing it the time to gracefully mature, the cask breathing in and absorbing the local air that passes through the oak with each seasonal climatic change.

Our intent at Lawrenny has always been to harness the unique elements found across the island state of Tasmania as well our own Estate. These elements, along with our awarded distilling team, have enabled us to develop a whisky that we are confident, will be amongst some of the finest in the world.


There are several important elements in the creation of a single malt whisky. All have varying levels of influence, but together, they can create a spirit that is truly unique.


Barley is the start of our whisky making process. Each variety possesses characteristics that are best suited for our growing conditions, whether here on the Estate or across Tasmania. The barley is then malted to a style that is customised to each variant of our whisky, releasing flavours through the mash that form a distinct base that is uniquely Lawrenny.


An element that is under recognised for its part in the whisky process is water. Incorporated within stages from mashing, fermentation and dilution, this element leaves a solid fingerprint across the finished product. Utilizing the pure waters that flow downstream from Australia’s deepest freshwater lake, provides Lawrenny a source without compare.


Without yeast we're without alcohol - but without selecting yeasts that complement each other we're without the unique flavour that is signature to each Lawrenny Single Malt Whisky release. Ranging from tried and true distiller's yeasts to saison and wheat beer yeasts to the more experimental use of strains traditionally used for barley wine production.


At Lawrenny we strive to match the quality of our spirit with quality casks sourced not only domestically but from around the world. Whether it be rich fortified wine casks from South Australia or sweet and spicy bourbon casks from Kentucky we only request the best. Working closely with the local cooperage we collaborate to ensure that our cask supply is consistent batch to batch.


The Derwent Valley is known for its extremes when it comes to its weather. With the mercury soaring in the dry heat of summers and plummeting to icy lows in winter. While this fluctuation in weather is seen as advantageous in some circles when it comes to maturing whisky we believe a more gentle touch is key. That's why our bondstore is located close to river water and constructed out of timber, with high walls and a passively ventilated vaulted ceiling to ensure a stable environment to mature our whisky.

Descension describes the carefully guided maturation journey our whisky has undergone, as it moves through the aging process from larger casks down to smaller casks for a well balanced finish.

Our maturing portfolio

We look forward to sharing new expressions over the years ahead. Whilst we will be focused on our core Tasmanian single malt and Estate single malt whiskies, there will be the occasional special release to explore.

Estate Whisky Past Releases

"It’s really important that you have as much control over each process as you possibly can."

- Joe Dinsmoor - Head Distiller