Estate Whisky

It is quite unique that a distillery has the opportunity to have as much influence on the elements that go into making their whisky. Expect to see the first Estate whisky available from 2025.

Located in the picturesque Central Highlands region of Tasmania, Lawrenny Estate was once the states largest private landholding. For the past two hundred years, the fertile fields have been used for livestock farming, producing some of the best stocks in Australia.

The pure waters originating from Lake Saint Clair flow metres from the distillery doors and forms the essence of our spirit.

Wild Antarctic winds stream across the property during winter whilst the land remains dry and warm over the summer months.

This is an ideal climate for our barrels to spend their years maturing.

Very few distilleries have the opportunity to incorporate their own supply of pure water into their whisky expression. Lake Saint Clair is Australia’s deepest fresh water lake and is the headwater of the River Derwent, a river that winds metres past the distillery doors, the source of our Estate Water. The lake was established more than 20,000 years ago, when a glacier formation created a 120 metre deep ravine in the middle of the alpine landscape, filled with melted snow and ice.

It’s the water’s truly neutral properties that are beneficial to both the brewing element of production and the dilution of the whisky as it moves from casks to bottles.

"I have absolute, complete freedom in
my role to make the best possible spirit."

- Joe Dinsmoor - Head Distiller