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Ascension describes the journey our whisky has taken throughout its carefully guided maturation as it moves from the smallest to the largest casks at Lawrenny Estate.

We initially created our unique spirit using local Tasmanian barley, pristine river water and our signature blend of yeasts before laying it down in small bourbon and port casks. Read more


A deep, dark ruby in the glass that hides more than just the rich Pedro Ximenez finishing cask notes within.


Each cask is delivered to the nose through an even hand of honey roasted cashews from the bourbon casks mingling with the dripping treacle and warm raisins of the port and sherry casks.


A weighty body throughout the palate acts as a platform for grilled nectarine, toasted coconut and mango lassi to collide with blackberry jam, rich tobacco and the complexity of oak to create a profile beyond comparison.

Ascension release
distillers notes

Brewing and Fermentation

Tasmanian malted barley, fresh water drawn straight from the River Derwent and the trifecta of Saison, Ale and Distiller's yeasts is a great place to start when creating such a special whisky. But, it's what we do with them that really makes the difference. Diligent brewing practices ensure the best extraction from the malt and a long, low temperature ferment allows the yeast to create nuanced flavours seldomly seen together in a whisky spirit.


A gentle heating process over 12 hours for both the Wash run and Spirit run allows the whisky spirit to round off any impurities developed after fermentation. The result is a new make spirit that is light and filled with notes of fresh summer fruit with a deep savoury finish. Like all our releases we vat the new make spirit run's together to ensure consistency for every barrel and every release.

Cask Selection & Entry Strength

Five different cask sizes, with four different previous uses were selected for the Ascension release totalling 62 individual casks, all as important as the next. 20L ex- Australian Tawny, Ex - Portugese Port and Kentucky bourbon casks were chosen to begin the maturation. Followed by freshly coopered 100L Bourbon and Port casks. Finally, two beautiful 600L retired Antique Pedro Xiemenez Sherry casks we sourced from Spain for the finishing touch.

As high as 65% and as low as 50% and a range in between - adjusting the entry strengths for each stage of the release was a plan set in motion even before the stills were turned on. The different strengths that were used all have effects on most aspects of the maturation, from the maturation rate to the types of flavours extracted from the barrels.

Cask Management

From different cask sizes and types to different barrel entry strengths over 3 years the cask management was a labour of love. In what we call "primary maturation" the spirit was first aged in the selection of 20L casks and after they had done their job of rounding off the edges and leaving their respective signature profiles on the spirit it was then vatted according to type. All the tawny/port whisky was then transferred into the fresh 100L Tawny casks and the bourbon aged whisky entered their own 100L Bourbon casks - this is where the secondary maturation occurs, injecting new flavour while polishing off the profile of the whisky. The Port/tawny casks were then married together with the Bourbon casks before being laid down in the Pedro Xiemenez barrels to Finish for three months bringing a balanced richness to the whisky.

Dilution & bottling

The introduction of water over time is an important aspect in making a world class single malt. This is the final stage where we dilute the now decanted whisky. The bottling strength of Ascension at 46.6% has a number of benefits. Not only does the whisky shine at this strength but it also shows our commitment to making whisky that connoisseurs will love but also a strength that those who are venturing into the world of single malts can enjoy.

To reach the whisky's final bottling strength we slowly introduce water over weeks so that the spirit and the pure water have sufficient time to marry together to ensure the best possible result. We do not chill filter our whisky and instead let time and gravity do any removal of sediment so you are tasting nothing but unique Lawrenny whisky in every bottle.

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Joe Dinsmoor
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